One memory of my childhood never left me: It was in Kindergarten. When we were good, the teacher would let us pick a beautiful image at the end of the day... She had a box full of wonderful and colorful photographs... I can still remember the smell of the paper, the excitement and how proud I was to get such a prize ! I'd cherish it and stare at it... I think this is when it all started for me. My love of beautiful images ! 

I was born on Réunion Island (a French island) located in the Indian ocean. I ran barefoot on the beach and sugar cane fields until I was around 7 years old, when the whole family moved to the French Alps. The Mont Blanc took over the volcano, snow replaced the sand... But we were fortunate enough to return to the Island every summer for a visit... I caught the travel bug early on and as a teenager traveled through Europe and Africa. 

I came to California in 1990, fell in love with my husband and never left. We live with our two beautiful daughters in Sonoma, Valley of the moon, California.

I have always loved travel photography, but I never shot more than after the birth of my daughters. Sending pictures of my life in California back to my mom in France was important. I even ended up having enough images of our beautiful town to publish a book, "Sonoma, portrait of a town", with my very good friend.

I never imagined I would ever be documenting weddings, but I succumbed to the pressure in 2008, shot my first elopement and fell in love! The rest is a love story...


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